Keep Writing: Your Story is Worth It

A few weeks ago, I received an ask on asking what my process is in writing a novel. While that topic is for a different post, what I would like to talk about is the response I received.

I won’t quote it word-for-word out of respect for this individuals privacy, but basically they said:

Wow, I wish I was motivated enough to do all of this. I wish my story was worth it. 

That response broke my heart. Because of course their story is worth it!

Some people are going to go through the process I went through: coming up with an initial idea, and refining it for years and years…before getting the right idea and THEN writing ten drafts. (Again, I’ll detail this insanity all later…since it really has been insane and it needs it’s own post.) Some people are going to be content writing one draft and then posting it online, others will write a few and then decide between wattpad, indie publishing, or traditional publishing…or not sharing it at all.

But never ever think your story isn’t worth it. Because I promise…it is. You’re writing this story to explore your own inspiration, to rediscover humanity, and explore the confines of your own mind. If it makes you happy, if you’re having fun…isn’t it worth it?

Still don’t believe me? Well let me give you a few reasons WHY your story is worth it!

  1. You’re having fun! You’re creating these characters, this world, and something that is entirely yours.

    Okay, your next question is probably: What if I write fan fiction? Then you’re still having fun! You’re doing something that makes you happy! So get those endorphins flowing and create!

  2. You’re creating something new! This is something entirely your own. You created this…you brought these characters to life or fed them a new story. That’s something new. That’s something wonderful.
  3. You’re human. Unless someone who isn’t a human is reading this (which well, that’s impressive so I’m sure this applies to you nonetheless), it’s a part of the human experience to create. Whether you’re here to publish or not, jump between projects, or just like creating for the heck of it…you’re experiencing humanity’s desire to create. Because without art and writing and music…what are we really?

But what if I can’t stay committed to an idea? Or what if I haven’t created in weeks? 

That’s okay too! Give yourself a break! Your story will be there waiting for you…and it is still worth the work. Because every bit of writing, or resting, or day dreaming, or creating is still adding to this world.

It won’t exist if you create it.

So trust me, your story is worth it. Keep telling it.

Keep creating.

Until next time,

E.S. Barrison

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