Maple Street – Book Review

Rating: ★★★☆ (4/5 stars)

You’ll never notice Maple Street, but it’s there, like any road you might drive on during the day or at night. It’s filled with monsters, witches, ghosts and mummies…all the creatures from your dreams (or your nightmares).

But the creatures of Maple Street aren’t out to hurt you; no, they’re just like you and me, with neighbors, lives, and adventures behold. 

Written like an informative newspaper article, with a Twilight-zone like feel to it, A.M. Dorhauer takes us down Maple Street in a story fit for Halloween. You’ll meet each of the neighbors, and come away feeling more bewitched. Dorhauer’s descriptions are lovely, leaving a luscious image in your mind of Maple Street. In fact, next time you’re out and about, you may even look for Maple Street yourself – I know I did!

It’s a fast read which leaves you with a warm feeling, like warm pumpkin pie. Definitely a good read for anyone looking to get into the spooky spirit. 

What’s it about? 

Halloween isn’t at all what you’ve read in stories. As it turns out, witches aren’t warty old women (for 2/3rds of the day), and werewolves don’t need the full moon to hunt. Vampires hoard their treasures worse than any dragon, and mummies see more than most as they stalk the woods at night. For the first time, humans are allowed a glimpse into this world, and the true essence of not just the holiday, but the creatures we think we know. Enter the street where Halloween lives every day and see for yourself what lies beyond. And who knows? You may find friends waiting for you.

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